Built Value Converter


A Chopper Converter for built_value based serialization.


Add the chopper_built_value package to your project's dependencies in pubspec.yaml:

# pubspec.yaml

  chopper_built_value: ^<latest version>

Getting started

Built value

Define your models as you usually do with built_value.

abstract class DataModel implements Built<DataModel, DataModelBuilder> {
  int get id;
  String get name;

  static Serializer<DataModel> get serializer => _$dataModelSerializer;
  factory DataModel([updates(DataModelBuilder b)]) = _$DataModel;

Aggregate all serializers into a top level collection.

/// Collection of generated serializers for the built_value
final Serializers serializers = _$serializers;

See built_value documentation for more information on how built_value works.

Using BuiltValueConverter with Chopper

Build a BuiltValueConverter by providing the built_value serializer collection.

To use the created converter, pass it to ChopperClient's converter constructor parameter.

final builder = serializers.toBuilder();

final jsonSerializers = builder.build();
final converter = BuiltValueConverter(jsonSerializers);

final client = ChopperClient(converter: converter);

Error converter

BuiltValueConverter is also an error converter. It will try to decode error response bodies using the wireName inside JSON {"$":"ErrorModel"}, if available.

If wireName is not available, BuiltValueConverter will try to convert error response bodies to errorType, if it was provided and is not null.

final jsonSerializers = ...

final converter = BuiltValueConverter(jsonSerializers, errorType: ErrorModel);

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